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Bridal hair and make up trials, really necessary?

Every time a bride-to-be comes in for a hair and makeup consultation for her big day, we get asked if a bridal makeup and hair trial is necessary. We always answer yes, and for a good reason.

Why bridal hair and make up trials work

It is one of the most important events in your life and we want to make sure that everything is perfect on that day, especially your look as the bride. After all, you would want to look back to that special day and browse through photos with your kids in the future with pride, knowing how glowing and beautiful you looked on your big day. If you need more convincing, here are our top 5 reasons why you should go for a trial run for your wedding look:

Because we are professionals, we aim to please our clients. We encounter clients who arrive with photos of looks that they want for their weddings. However, it is not always possible due to differences in hair length, face shape, and more. Having a trial run means you get to see how your ‘preferred look’ actually looks on you. We can try different options until we find one that really brings out your beauty.

We also want to have a concrete time frame to set for your big day. With the busy schedules, it is important to know beforehand how much time we’ll be needing to achieve the look you want, and to make everything more time-efficient, it is best to know what look is truly desired.

While most makeup artists use hypoallergenic products, there are instances when a bride doesn’t know she is allergic to some makeup ingredients and hair products. You do not want to find that out on the day of your wedding itself, do you? A trial will allow you to check if any of the products to be used on you causes some reactions.

A trial run also gives both you and your artist an opportunity to discuss all the important details of your wedding. Will it be a garden wedding where there will be natural lighting? What is the motif? You do not want a modern makeup for a classical theme. Are you getting pampered for your big day? Some brides consider getting a facial for their big day. If you do, too, you better discuss it with your stylist to know how long it will be before you can apply any makeup on.

More than the products used, a trial is a perfect chance to see if you have chosen the right stylist for you. Nothing could be worse than discovering that the makeup and hair stylist your cousin recommended cannot or do not do the look you want. All hair and makeup artists want to make their bridal clients breathtaking, but not all artists are skilled enough to do so.

Now you know why it is vital that you go for a makeup and hair trial for your wedding. So… when should we schedule you?

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