Organic Hair Colour Dublin

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Organic Colour Systems is different to normal hair dyes or tints, which use harsh chemicals like ammonia that can damage hair in the colouring process. At DI Milo we offer an organic colour that is different by being kind to your hair and it shows. Hair responds differently to natural ingredients they are gentler on hair locking in moisture, colour and goodness to each and every strand.

Organic Hair Colour Dublin
Most people associate the word organic with being less effective when it comes to hair and beauty. Our organic colour promises long lasting and vibrant, shiny results. For all your Organic Hair Colour Dublin needs Choose Di Milo.

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Taking the healthy option

Rather than just wonder if it is as good, why not book an appointment today with one of our hair stylists and check it out for yourself. If the health and ecological benefits don’t persuade you well the soft, shiny chemical free hair might.

Our stylists are excited about using professional organic colours that can treat your hair with a healthy approach that won’t cause harmful damage to your hair. With a wide range of colours you still have all the options you can have when we colour your hair

Pregnancy and organic colours

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you need to have roots down to your ears. Pregnancy is when you are told to stay away from harmful hair dyes. Well, why not try our organic colours instead of opting for a large hat collection.

The release of organic hair products gives a real breakthrough for women who want to avoid using chemical hair dyes during pregnancy. Organic colours give comparable if not better results than chemical based options in terms of quality, shine and feel. So you can colour your hair without pondering the effects of the harsh chemicals on you or your baby

The bottom line is that organic hair colours are safer for your body and your health and leave no side effects or damage to your body so if you are health conscious or allergic to chemical counterparts found in standard hair dyes these organic colours are for you.

For all your Organic Hair Colour Dublin needs Choose Di Milo.

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