Hair Masking Dublin

Hair Masking Dublin at DiMilo

The price of maintaining your beautiful coloured hair can be at times expensive, especially if you have really quick hair growth. Not to mention the effects of colouring your hair more often than most other people need to.

Hair Masking Dublin

Get Your Hair Masking Done by the Best!

Have you experienced that desperation a few weeks away from your next appointment? Are those grey hairs or roots starting to peek through and you simply can’t hold on any longer to get them covered up. There is no need any more to hide away under hats or wear your hair in up styles to hide your regrowth until you are due for a full re-colour. There is no need for scrimping on quality and doing your own touch ups.

At the DI Milo hair salon you can make an appointment to visit one of our professional stylists for some hair masking Dublin to be done on your hair.

What is Hair Masking?

Masking is a process where our stylists will apply your colour to your hairline and parting, covering up your regrowth or grey hair until you’re ready for your next full colour appointment. This will not only save you paying out money having to get your hair done before its time, but will also save you from the effects of re-colouring before it is totally necessary. For all your hair masking Dublin needs Choose Di Milo

Don’t want to colour your hair totally and you can just no longer ignore those grey hairs that keep sneaking through your beautiful masking is the way to go with no need for full permanent hair colour.
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