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When you go to a hair salon in Dublin to have your hair coloured, tinted or highlighted you want to make sure you put your hair in the hands of the professionals. At Di Milo you can rest assure that you’re in safe hands with our fully trained professional staff. After all, your hair is our reputation, we offer you and your hair a five star treatment once you enter our salon.

There are so many different options you can choose for your hair, maybe you are looking for a whole new colour, a top up on your fading colour or looking to add a few highlights or low lights for a subtle change. You can go all out natural colour or maybe your hair wants to match your personality and go for a daringly bold colour, your choices are endless.



If you’re considering a total change to your hair colour and want to go with a permanent dye, consider the desired results before choosing the colour you want. Remember the shade of your hair will have an effect on the colour you choose. Hair dye is a permanent process that will lift the colour of your original hair and replace it with a new colour. For all your Hair Colour Dublin needs Choose Di Milo.

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Tinting your hair is less harsh on your hair because the original colour pigments are not lifted the tint on deposits a colour on top of your hair strands. The re-growth on a hair tint is not as visible as a hair colour as the tint washes out by the time the hair grows out
Consider your desired results before choosing between a dye and tint to avoid hair regrets. For all your Hair Colour Dublin Tint needs Choose Di Milo.


These are methods of giving you partial colour in your hair, adding different colours to certain strands giving you texture and depth to your hair. Unlike colouring or tinting your hair you can choose different options of the amount of hair you want your highlights or lowlights added to. There is the full head option, half head or a T section, the T section is normally done for root top ups and helps maintain your look for longer.
The difference between Highlights and lowlights is, Highlights use colours to lighten your natural hair shade. Lowlights involve using colours to darken your natural hair shade. For all your Hair Colour Dublin Highlight and Lowlight needs Choose Di Milo.

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This technique was invented in France and the word means to sweep, or to paint. With Balayage you can achieve many different effects on your hair from natural highlights to a strong vibrant funky effect. It is a very low maintenance hair colour as there is no re-growth lines. It is a more flattering technique that gives a gorgeous healthy finish.
What ever option you chose you can be sure it will be of the highest standard from one of our team of professional stylists. For all your Hair Colour Dublin Balayage needs Choose Di Milo.

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