GHD Dublin

GHD DUBLIN -Good Hair Day!

Book GHD Dublin with DiMilo today. It’s hard to believe ghd unleashed its highly popular game-changing straighteners onto the market back in 2001, everybody was introduced to a new hair saviour. These three little letters have since built a massive following for their hair styling tools and we DI Milo hair salon are big fans.

GHD Dublin

We have all heard of the trusty ghd straightener and how well it straightens your hair, leaving you with a smooth glossy look, but did you know that not only does it transform curly, wavy hair into straight hair, it can transform straight hair into curly or wavy hair. Yes, you can also use the ghd to curl your hair. The ghd is a multipurpose hair tool. So not only does it give you the straight, smooth and glossy look, it can also give you natural wavy or curly hair. The great thing about ghd curls is that then can be done easily in any length hair. This is why they are now more popularly known as ghd stylers. For all your GHD Dublin needs Choose Di Milo

Short hair GHD

Do you have a bob style hair cut that is calling out for something new, by adding ghd curls it will not simply afford you a definition, but also add stylish waves or curls by breaking out of the pictorial structure of your straight bob cut. You can rock out in trend setting fashion along with celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Dannii Minogue and Kiera Knightley, who have all worn ghd curls or waves in their bob cuts. For all your Short hair GHD Dublin needs Choose Di Milo

Medium to long hair GHD

There is a number of different looks you can achieve with ghd Dublin curls. You can opt for the messy beach waves, the vintage waves, soft curls or the glamour curl. You can also create styles with these curls whether pinned back or up styles, all you have to do is choose the look you want. For all your Medium to long hair GHD Dublin needs Choose Di Milo

Whichever wave or curl you choose, with the ghd technology your hair can be safely styled at the correct temperature passing throughout your hair evenly. So not only does your hair look fantastic, it is also going to thank you for using ghd Dublin.

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